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Our Focus  |  Logistics

healthSharp Elephant has extensive experience within the logistics sector across Australasia and has proven capability delivering outcomes based engagements. We have extensive relationships with key clients, partners and strategic suppliers within the sector.

Sharp Elephant has a deep understanding of the architectural, technical and operational environments for the logistics sector. We believe we offer a compelling value proposition to our clients that is differentiated and simply good value.

Sharp Elephant can provide solutions for your small immediate needs and scale to deliver on the outcomes of your strategic programmes of work.

Sharp Elephant will partner with you to shape and determine the best way to maximise your investment return whilst minimising your risk. We believe that productive partnering begins with solid delivery and we aim to deliver immediate benefits through our engagement model.

The success of Sharp Elephant has been to focus on delivering the best team, methodologies and leadership to all of our engagements. "We are not a “body shop”.  We engage as an organization; bringing the appropriate experience and skills to our engagement. This differentiates us as a trust partner.

The logistics sector is a dynamic sector that is growing consistently in response to significant market drivers. Sharp Elephant is a trust partner who will deliver you high value outcomes and lower your delivery risk.


Our Proven Solution Outcomes

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Technical Solution Leadership
  • Retail Automation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Deployment
  • Solution Architecture
  • Control Systems Deployment
  • Network optimisation
  • Strategic Procurement Management
  • Delivery Management
  • ERP
  • Desktop Refresh
  • Data Centre Optimisation


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