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About Sharp Elephant

Sharp Elephant is specialist provider of business and information technology outcomes for corporate, government and enterprise organisations.

Formed in 2010, Sharp Elephant has achieved significant recognition as a leader in technology leadership and outcomes delivery. Sharp Elephant has a deep understanding of your sectors architecture, technical and operational challenges, and strong existing working relationships with key information technology vendors.

Sharp Elephant engages with clients to plan, architect, design, and deliver information technology outcomes. Our clients value our partnering approach to strategic visioning, sharing of expertise, developing capability, innovation, and delivery. Sharp Elephant is an industry leader in Strategic Planning, Enterprise Architecture methodology, Portfolio Management and Agile Delivery Methods.

Sharp Elephant has grown strongly since its formation, through delivering successful business outcomes for organisations seeking direction, action and results.

To provide quality, values driven outcomes to the enterprise, corporate and government sectors.

What differentiates us:

  • Our exceptional working knowledge of our target sectors
  • Our focus on delivering real value to your business
  • Our capability to deliver
  • Our investment in innovative methodology that enables us to deliver greater value
  • Our strong standards based mythologies and our ability to apply them
  • Our Outcomes based delivery model
  • Our Experience delivering complex outcomes

Our Values define us:

  • Our Values separate us from the crowd.
  • Our Values encourage and support effective decision-making.
  • Our Values build employee, supplier and customer loyalty and commitment.
  • Our Values attract and retain top employees who embody our principles.
  • Our Values increase productivity, pride and morale.
  • Our Values promote innovation.

Our values define a business culture that is based on the following core principles, and they shape everything we do.

Integrity and Honesty

Our success is dependent on being trusted influencers. We are committed to being honest and fair, and providing transparency in all of our dealings with our customers, suppliers and staff.

Quality Outcomes

Our commitment to continual improvement produces results that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and suppliers. We are results focused.


We treat all stakeholders with respect, dignity and consideration.

Accomplishment and Delivery

We foster a results-oriented environment, enabling and rewarding achievement.

Learning and Innovation

We continually acquire knowledge to improve performance and enable growth for ourselves and our customers.

Community Involvement

We are responsible, active citizens of the places we call home. We give back to our community.

"Sharp Elephant is vertical sector focused IT services provider.

We have built a deep understanding of our customers sectors, ensuring our people can understand your business needs. We bring leading technology capability and skillsets to benefit your organisation immediately.

Sharp Elephant has a proven outcomes approach to engagement that lowers risk, increases quality and delivers quickly."

Demetri Baroutsos

Managing Director



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